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Our first book in the Bicker Busters® series is now available!

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Bicker Busters® for Couples: How to end arguments in less than one minute!

The average couple has 312 arguments a year, and at least one serious fight per month. With
approximately 64 million couples in America, that’s almost 20 billion arguments a year in the US.
Bicker Busters® for Couples shows couples how to end arguments in less than one

Bicker Busters® for Couples is the unique solution to bickering (also known as disagreeing, squabbling,
arguing, quarreling, haggling, disputing, sparing, and spatting). It’s different from other relationship books,
because it’s not filled with psychological jargon and buzzwords or lengthy scientific research studies and
findings. Rather, it’s a practical, easy-to-understand guide for the millions of couples who spend too much
time arguing—and therefore less time building loving relationships!

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